Holy Blood - "Голос Крові" (Voice of blood).

"Голос Крові"
Holy Blood
(Demo 2017)

25 March - Holy Blood began work. Introducing the new song "Voice of blood".

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Holy Blood - Day Of Vengeance (Live 14/04/2017)

April 14, 2017

Holy Blood - "Primary Rus"

Primary Rus
Holy Blood
Glory To The Heroes (mini)

13 March - Holy Blood introducing the new instrumental "Primary Rus", from a new mini album "Glory To The Heroes".

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Holy Blood - "Ми знаємо, хто ми є"

"Ми знаємо, хто ми є"
Holy Blood

12 February - Holy Blood began work. Introducing the new song "Ми знаємо, хто ми є".

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Holy Blood - "Kill" (Underground Birthday Party @ASYLUM)

The song "Kill" from the first album. In those days the team was looking for their sound. The characteristic sound of the first album "The Wanderer" was "brutal death metal." It was performed for the first time in seventeen years of existence.

September 18, 2016

Holy Blood - Ukraine (single)

Holy Blood

15 December - Holy Blood began work on a 6th album. Introducing the new song "Ukraine".

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5th album Day Of Vengeance - Finished recording!

Holy Blood
Holy Blood
Day of vengeance

23 March - Holy Blood finished recording it's 5th album "Day Of Vengeance". In the nearest future album will be released on american lable BombWorks Records.

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Holy Blood - Holy Blood (Official Promo Video 2013)

A new song from the new album "Day of Vengeance".

December 25, 2013


"Day of Vengeance"

"Shining Sun"

"The Patriot"

"Waves Are Dancing"

"The Wanderer"

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