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5 May 2017 - Holy Blood will be presented the new mini album "Glory of the God". Released by the lable of "Vision of God Records".

NEW SONG: Primary Rus

13 March - Holy Blood began work. Introducing the new song "Primary Rus (instrumental)".

NEW SONG: Ми знаємо, хто ми є

12 February - Holy Blood began work. Introducing the new song "Ми знаємо, хто ми є".


Death/Thrash Metal Session. Kiyiv, Ukraine.

GIGS: KIEV KILLS - Asylum Art Club

After four years of silence, the band Holy Blood returns to the stage.

5th album Day Of Vengeance - Finished recording!

23 March 2014 - Holy Blood finished recording it's 5th album "Day Of Vengeance". In the nearest future album will be released on american lable BombWorks Records.


"Day of Vengeance"

"Shining Sun"

"The Patriot"

"Waves Are Dancing"

"The Wanderer"

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